This set of 26 faces is produced with solvent inks on a wide format printer using waterproof white vinyl outdoor banner material. Each face is printed on a matte background to avoid glare and light reflection. Each set is made up of 8 group 1, 6 group 2, 4 each of group 3, 4 and 5. They are printed on a continueos roll and supplied accordingly for the purchaser to cut out each face.  Scoring zones are based on the new format with the A and B zones having the same size and values as previous but the C zone now having a body line area. The values of the C zone hasn’t changed.  Each set is available for $484.00 plus Freight.

A 10% discount is offered to all ABA affiliated clubs.  Additional faces can be purchased with a set of 8 group 1 being $54.80 plus Freight and set of 6 group 2 at $134.85 plus Freight. Combined purchase of groups 1 and 2 $ 167.60 plus Freight. 

Rejuvenate your old faces with our new inserts which are now available for all target faces at $70.40 for a full set of 26. Again, these items are less 10% to ABA affiliated clubs.