These faces are the officially recognised IFAA animal targets as used by the Australian Bowhunters Association’s affiliated clubs throughout Australia  and can be purchased from Action Graphics, P.O. box 17, Dalveen, Qld. 4374. Phone 07 4685 2266 - Fax 07 4685 2378

They are available only on polylam paper which is a double laminated brown kraft paper impregnated with strands of fibreglass. Can be supplied as individual faces if required. Scoring method printed on each face.

The International Field Round may consists of any of the three different rounds, the field, hunter and animal rounds, but each official round will consist of shooting 2 units of 14 targets with 4 arrows at each target with the exception of the animal round where the archer can shoot a maximum of three arrows but only shoots those arrows until a score is made.

The distances vary in the Field round for seniors from 15 yards to 80 yards, junior distances range from 15 yards to 50 yards and for cubs the distances vary from 8 yards to 30 yards. The field face has a black spot, white inner ring and black outer ring.

The distances used in the Hunter round for seniors vary from 11 yards to 70 yards, the junior distances range from 11 yards to 50 yards and for cubs the distances vary from 8 yards to 30 yards. The hunter field face is all black with a white spot.

The senior and junior distances that are shot in the Animal round vary from 10 yards and 60 yards and for cubs 8 yards to 30 yards. The animal field face is made up of a variety of animals and the scoring is divided into two areas, the “kill” area and the “wound” area.